This is a private billing medical practice. Payment for consultations is requested at the time of your consultation.


There is an initial consultation fee. Subsequent consultations regarding the same condition, within the same episode of care (within 9 months), are discounted.


Please see below, for a list of common services performed at the consultation, and associated fees.


If more substantial treatments or investigations are needed for your care, we will endeavour to inform you or any additional fees prior to booking for further sessions.


Medicare offers a rebate for most services (excluding cosmetic services). You can present your receipt to Medicare to claim this rebate. If you are registered with Medicare Online, we can process this for you, for your convenience.


The practice accepts the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card, and White Card-Specific if it covers skin problems.


If you have any concerns regarding fees, please feel free to discuss this with the practice prior to your appointment.


If you wish to be seen in the public health system, Dr Wu and Dr Butler also provide public services as visiting dermatologists at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, respectively. Your referring doctor can refer you to these services if you prefer.

Common services and fees 


Medicare Rebate 

Specialist consultation. $272.00 $78.05
Specialist consultation regarding the same condition about which you have seen your dermatologist within the last 9 months. $168.00 $39.25
Full skin examination, where your dermatologist has previously seen you within the preceding 9 months. $220.00 $38.60
Curette and Cautery of a skin cancer. $193.00 $109.10
Intralesional corticosteroid injection. $97.50 $38.55
Biopsy of a lesion $109.50 $46.20
Long Specialist Consultation. Complicated cases or management or multiple conditions are usually best addressed over multiple appointments. However when circumstances require these to be addressed in one sitting, and the consultation extends well beyond the standard consultation time, additional fees apply.  Additional 25% to the standard consultation.  No additional rebate is available.

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