Medical Skin Conditions

Medical skin conditions can arise for a number of reasons. Treatment of such conditions may involve application of a range of technologies – such as special medical lasers, or it could involve specific drugs, or sometimes surgery.

We provide specialist acne management for all types of acne, including teenage acne, childhood acne, and adult acne. Our aim is to help you clear your

Acne often results in scars that can cause significant distress. We offer a number of treatments to help address acne scarring.

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It occurs when overactive sweat glands release a volume of sweat that is significantly more

Psoriasis is a chronic, scaly rash that affects people of all ages. It is common, affecting about 2% of the population. It is influenced by genetics a

Eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) is a very common, chronic, itchy skin condition. It most commonly starts in infancy to early childhood

Vitiligo is a common acquired in which pigment cells (melanocytes) are destroyed, resulting in irregularly shaped white patches on the skin. It affect

There are a number of conditions that people may label as ‘pigmentation’ problems.

Narrowband UVB is the most common form of phototherapy used to treat inflammatory skin conditions. It is especially useful in the treatment of psorias

There have been great advances, over the last couple of decades, in our understanding of the pathogenesis of psoriasis (as well as many inflammatory

At Toowong Dermatology, we are highly experienced in performing allergy patch testing for the investigation of possible allergic contact dermatitis.

There are thousands of different diseases of the skin, some common, and some rare. All our dermatologists at Toowong Dermatology see the full breadth

Skin conditions are common in childhood. These include eczema/ atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, birthmarks, moles, warts, spider nevi, childhood acne

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