Skin Cancer

Skin cancers can arise following sun damage and sunburn. Queensland has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, due to our strong sun and fair skinned population. Skin cancers can cause disfigurement, and some skin cancers can be deadly.


At Toowong Dermatology, we provide specialist screening for early detection of skin cancer, as well as surgical and non-surgical options for skin cancer treatment.

Some low risk skin cancers are suitable for non-surgical treatment, including certain prescription creams, and photodynamic therapy. By avoiding surge

Photodynamic therapy is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for certain low risk skin cancers (e.g. superficial basal cell carcinoma and intra

Early detection of melanoma can save lives. Early detection of other skin cancers gives better functional and cosmetic outcomes. Our dermatologists

Although non-surgical options, such as photodynamic therapy and imiquimod cream, are suitable for some skin cancers, surgery is still the preferred

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