Skin Cancer Facts

Skin Cancer Facts

If you’ve ever questioned the damage that the sun can cause to your skin, perhaps this photo of Bill McElligot will change your mind.

Driving trucks for nearly 30 years in Chicago, McElligot has admitted that he never wore sunscreen while working nine hours a day. He’s not the only one either; studies show that:

• 55% of Australian women do not normally use sunscreen

• 71% of Australian men do not normally use sunscreen

• 83% of people in Australia do not get enough sun protection (usually because of not understand the importance of UV protection)

Deciding against using sunscreen is not a great idea, in McElligot’s case his decisions left him with severe ramifications. He was diagnosed with a condition known as unilateral dermatoheliosis, a harsh form of sun damage. As you can see in his photo, the left side of his face looks normal for a 69-year-old. Whereas, his right side has been harmed by the sun making that side of his face appear nearly 20 years older. Thanks to treatment McElligot was fortunate enough to avoid skin cancer.

Car Windows Don’t Offer Any Protection against Harsh UV Rays

McElligot was under the impression that his face would be protected by the glass window in his truck. Sadly, he was mistaken, and it wasn’t until his grandchildren mentioned his broken veins, creased skin and bumpy skin that he went to a dermatologist.

Protecting Skin from Cancer

A 2013 study by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research discovered ground-breaking information that showed when applied correctly and used on a regular basis sunscreen is productive in minimizing squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

This research involved a total of 900 young and middle-aged adults both women and men. Nearly five years later, the ones that used sunscreen on a regular basis showed: No observations of ageing skin

Celebrity Trendy Tips to Protect Skin When Driving

UV protection is only one of the things you can do to help against melanoma and skin damage. Your closet most likely contains a lot of accessories that you can use for driving and at the same time protecting your skin against the sun.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style – A beautiful chiffon scarf placed around your head just like Audrey Hepburn is a fashionable way to protect your face as well as your neck from the intense sun rays.
  • Just Like Beckham – Victoria Beckham shields her hands when she’s driving by wearing stylish gloves.
  • Wear Them Like Bono – Rock sensation Bono has glaucoma, so he wears dark glasses to protect his sensitive eyes from the sun.

Outdoor Life and Skin Cancer in Australia

We love the outdoors in the summer and winter months, but not the heavy risk of skin cancer from sun exposure on our gorgeous beaches and snow filled ski slopes. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that:

Women have a 1 in 23 risk and men have a 1 in 14 risk of getting diagnosed with melanoma before 85. 69% of Australians that pass away from melanoma are men.

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